Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty Precocious

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
When does it become creepy that you idolize a child? I wish i could go back in time and put all my efforts into being as cool as this kid. She recently just did a post dressing up like the essence of certain greek gods. I've often thought about choosing characters to dress up in every day, but I always manage to forget to do it. Maybe, I'll start tomorrow.

edit: I had pictures, but she asks people not to post them without asking first, so I took them down out of respect. Go to her site,

In case you needed anymore convincing, this is her bio:
12 year old garden gnome with the brain of a wind-up monkey, posture of a crotchety old hag, stare-down skills of a zombie, haircut of a little boy, and tact of Larry David. I enjoy Edward Gorey, vulgar thoughts, rapping about Rei Kawakubo, and reenacting scenes from the Lion King with 10-month-old babies. I am not cute.


Sean McCoy said...

This kid must be precocious as HELL.

And my "captcha" word verification today was "undbuy." Which reminds me of "undy buy."

Which is underwear buying.

Sean McCoy said...

Sorry to burst in like this, but I'm bored and on Sean's computer and I just had to answer the question you begin your post with:

Q: "When does it become creepy to idolize a child?"


oh, and my "captcha" was supsapen, which if you spell it like this 'sup sapen, sounds like your saying hello to a super intelligent monkey who you are on a nickname basis with.


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