Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Queen+Beach Boys

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
if Queen and the Beach Boys fucked, and had a baby, and the Turtles and The Clash fucked and had a baby, and if somehow those babies met and fucked and had a baby, thats what Jellyfish would be
- David Hood

Jellyfish. Look at these goofy-ass dudes. They are the best power pop band you've never heard of.
This picture is the cover of their first cd, Bellybutton, which has now wiggled its way into one of my top 10 favorite albums. Buy this cd, buy it and then make everyone you know buy it. If this had happened in the 90s they might still be around. Shame on us.


Anthony D Herrera said...

No shit, I was in the middle of writing this really long comment explaining how I thought they were shitty then how I listened to them again and decided there were a few good songs but overall I found them annoying, during all of this I kept going back to listen to the songs I particularly disliked to explain my problems with them and each fucking time I ended up going "well that's songs not bad" until finally I realized I kinda liked these guys , even though they look like jerfoffs, and ended up erasing that comment and writing this. Also, I don't see how anyone could think The Clash were involved in the fucking process.

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