Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Palestinian Protesters at Israel Block Party

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Texas Hillel's 12th annual Israel Block Party was tonight on the South Mall, but not everyone was having a good time. There were several protesters on the South Mall steps holding signs and chanting "free, free Palestine."

the Israel Block Party had tents focusing on Israel’s culture, environmentalism, society, government, religion, and technology. A hookah hut, drum circle and a marketplace with traditional Middle Eastern cuisine were set up for attendees.

Protester Molly Odintz said the celebration of culture wasn't what the protesters had a problem with.

Three policeman were also on the South Mall in case things got out of hand. Although as far as I know it never did.

note* I realize this isn't much of a news story, I just snapped it on the way to class and I regret not talking to someone from the IBP, but I was already late. I left a message with the Texas Hillel, we'll see if they have anything to add.


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