Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fantasy Hair

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
The 2009 international Fantasy Hair Competition was held on April 23 in New Hampshire. These getups are impressive, although I don't think you have to be a hairstylist to win.

This is the third place style by Christine Sheldon from Hokksett, NH. It's call "Prosperia."

I really liked this one, nevermind that the model looks in terrible pain. Seriously though, of the top three (you'll see the other in a second) this is the only one to incorporate hair in an obvious way. It  looks like it had to be built on her head and not just a head piece stuck on her.

Colleen Jamieson from  Nashua, NH won second place for this, "The Indian Fertility Goddess Parvati."

With the disclaimer that I am in no way a hair stylist, I don't really know why this one got second place. I'll give Jamieson the idea, it was indeed pretty clever, but there's nothing really special at all done to the hair. For the most part it's just curly. Actually, you know what, now that I look at it, maybe those long tendrils coming from her behind her back are supposed to be hair- that actually is pretty cool. If they aren't then I stand behind my previous statement. 
And this my friends, is what the winner looks like. This is Kevin Lamont from Farmington Hills, Michigan with "The Proud Peacock" look. Now don't get it twisted, I think this is awesome looking, but there's not much hair to it. Nothing that I can see in that costume is really done with hair. Lamont just made a headdress and stuck in on her head. He won based on a costume, not a hair style. 


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