Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Art Boobs event

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Last Saturday I went to a fundraiser called I Art Boobies hosted by the Breast Cancer Resource Center. The boobathon was at the Blue Theater on the east side of Austin, which I was surprised to find out I'd never heard of because it is such a great little venue. The show was hosted by Lauren "Rainbow Girl" Lunsford a social activist from Tulsa, and had all kinds of things to see like nude model painting, boob inspired art and some kinky live burlesque shows. Of course, I took plenty of pictures and I'm impressed if you even took the time to read this instead of scrolling straight to the boobs.
Boob cupcakes for everyone!

These are two examples of some of the art on sale. It's a cast of an actual woman's torso.

These are from the body painting. "Rainbow Girl" is doing the painting, which i have to confess most of which were pretty hokey. Nothing was particularly stunning just flowers and heart. Most of it looked like it came out of my fifth grade spiral. I was not surprised to learn she didn't pick up a paint brush until she was 30.

The cabaret show was really enjoyable; this was a bull fight themed performance.
Then each of the girls performed a solo burlesque.
The peacock routine was to "Girl from Impanema," it was great.
The performer with the strawberry champagne did a weird techno themed burleque. It was very fast a neurotic. She wasn't the sexiest of performers either–more blue-collar than high class. And I've seen enough of Dita Von Teese's performances to be really disappointed when she didn't pour that big glass of Andre on herself at the end.


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